Designed by: Lazy snail Design, USA and Canada.


Buketo is a wine series produced in Greece and imported to USA and Canada by wine import company, Cava Spiliadis.
Targeting youthful and open-minded wine seekers, the design brief called for a compelling, modern and stylish label.

Buketo wine, named after the Greek word for bouquet, is created from grapes picked like flowers, assembled for the perfect bunch every year.
We played with this idea of a harmonious arrangement of elements and designed geometric compositions of fine lines vs. blocks of color and sharp edges vs. perfect circles. A larger composition is created if the two bottles for the white and the red wine are placed next to each other. The result is sophisticated and minimalistic, appealing to the target group, but also connoting the quality of the wines.

The Buketo logo is also geometric and minimalistic but builds on the idea of a bouquet in a more literal way. We designed a bunch of three flowers referring to the aromatic character of the wines, as well as the three grape varieties used in making each of the wines in the series.



Buketo White wine design by Lazy snail Design

Buketo Red wine design by Lazy snail Design

Buketo wine bottle design by Lazy snail Design




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