#A Homage to Falcon’s 125 Years of Brewing History and Dedication

**Since 1896, Swedish brewery Falcon has chased perfection. To celebrate their anniversary, and in honour of their legacy and hard work, Scandinavian design agency EVERLAND helped design a special occasion beer.**

Brewer Jacob L. Skantze searched all over Sweden for pure spring water. To make quality lager beer, he needed the highest quality ingredients. Finally, he found the right water source in Falkenberg in 1896. Since, he has perfected his technique and delicious, thirst-quenching beer, driven by an ambition never to take the easy route. Back then, he already recognised that a good product makes a good brand.

Today, Falcon is the beer of choice for Swedes who crave the pure and rich taste. Being around for more than a century is no small feat and reflects a company built with a passion for the craft of brewing beer and the discipline never to lower the bar. We know, it’s the stuff of legends.

As a homage to 125 years of history and brewing culture, Everland helped Falcon create an anniversary edition, as a sheer tribute to an icon. Inspired by their old beer labels and design, they crafted a label worthy of this grand occasion, ensuring fans another 125 years of glory.

“We dove into the archives for historical inspiration. We wanted to create a label that would encapsulate the history and brewery refinement that has been a key ingredient in each batch of delicious and refreshing beer. Cheers to another 125 years!” – Carl Johan Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at EVERLAND.


Falcon 125

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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