Designed by: christian b, Canada.

Bubbly Beast is a branding project for a soap and bath store for kids. The challenge of this project was to create a brand containing a kit, brand extensions, 2-part invitation, and a catalogue. The style of the illustrations are flat and colourful to attract the children’s eyes. The bubbly beasts are weird, but playful and fun creatures.The artwork on the products in the kit shows where it comes from to educate the children about the it. The parents will be happy to pay for something that can educate. Each piece of artwork incorporates a different bubbly beast so that the child can relate to the mascot. The colour of the packaging is white to symbolize cleanliness.
Bubbly Beast
Bubbly Beast Branding2
Bubbly Beast Branding3
Bubbly Beast Branding4
Bubbly Beast Branding5
Bubbly Beast Branding6

Bubbly Beast Branding

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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