Eco-Friendly Packaging Concept
Headphones are widely regarded to be over-packaged. Commonly, what is a simple product is surrounded in layers of cardboard and plastic which can be a) bad for the environment and b) difficult and frustrating to open. Some brands are actively cutting down on the amount of packaging of their products, but most remain as they were, such as Sony.
By reducing the amount of material involved, and eliminating plastic altogether, the packaging can be made more readily recylable, more environmentally friendly and much easier to get into. The material can be reduced vastly by reducing the amount of product it actually conceals. In lower-end headphones, the headband is often sturdy and simple enough to be exposed out-with the main casing, and the speakers are the only part which need protection. This means that the box can be smaller than usual.
The concept shown here demonstrates this idea. Also, the headphones are actually held tightly by the holes exposing the head band, preventing the product rattling around inside and eliminating the need for plastic cradles. The package is now much easier to open.
Security is addressed with a card band which fits around the box, sealed with glue. If this glue seal is found to be broken, the product would have been tampered with and is no longer fit for sale. It cannot be removed without breaking as it goes through the head band.
The visual identity of Sony has been altered slightly to reflect the minimalist and forward-thinking nature of this packaging.
The material is 100% recyclable white card of 350-400 gsm weight, and printed in two colour for cost effectiveness. The whole package was made from 2 pieces of A2.
Designed by: Bradley Smith,  United Kingdom.

Sony Headphone Packaging

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