‘7even’ is the product which contains 100 billion of the 7 kinds of lactobacillus helpful for the Intestine.
‘7even’, which includes Elderflower, which is an ingredient that brings stability to the mind and body, is a healing product which helps to keep intestines healthy and also grant the pleasure of drinking. This product was collaborated with Sandra Isaksson, a pop illustrator in England. In the graphic of ‘7even’, there is an image of 7 members from a three generation family. This expressed the product’s target, the happiness and health of the entire family, in a colorful and exciting manner.
The standard version during the initial launching expressed the pleasant and happy image of 7 family members. The yearend season version for Christmas expressed the image of the 7 happy family members along with abundant gifts. Furthermore, this March, a graphic was released with a version of the 7 family members wearing the Korean professional baseball club uniform in order to celebrate being the main sponsor for the 2013 Korean Professional Baseball League. Currently ‘7even’ modified its package and continues to create enjoyable changes.
‘7even’ is a product which broke away from the standardized design of previous yogurt beverage products. ‘7even’ joins in experiencing seasonality with the customers and attains fun and happy sympathy. As a result, it displayed a sales record of over 300,000 quantities daily within Korea from the initial release.
‘7even’ includes ‘ Freezable 7even’, which was launched in the beginning of May and only sold during summertime, as well as a fall version of ‘7 even’ which will modify the product and include the love of 7 members. Through various attempts, ‘7even’ is planning on conveying continuous excitement and pleasure to its customers.
For reference,
Furthermore, [7even] has the honor of being exhibited at a gallery for the first time in the food industry.
Designed by Yakult (Korea) In-house Design, South Korea.
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