DOR is meant to be a traditional Romanian brand. Romanian elements used in the brand concept (the carved gate from Maramures, the linen and embroidery folk model) help brand personification.
The DOR product range includes both biscuits roll and seeds, and pretzels, all in different varieties. Soon more traditional Romanian products will be joining DOR product family, products that will bring you a moment closer to places you love or will help you remember the good times of the past.
Not surprisingly, DOR was born of longing: longing to once upon a time, the homeland, the time when things were different, more beautiful, more intense and people tastes better. When you’re away from home, you’re never alone, longing is always with you, on the border between reality and dream and expect a thought, a smile, a taste or idea to wear you down memory lane.
Designed by Horea Grindean, United Kingdom.
Illustration by: Raluca Agachi
DOR De Origine Romaneasca
DOR De Origine Romaneasca2
DOR De Origine Romaneasca3
DOR De Origine Romaneasca4
DOR De Origine Romaneasca5
DOR De Origine Romaneasca6
DOR De Origine Romaneasca7
DOR De Origine Romaneasca8
DOR De Origine Romaneasca9

DOR De Origine Romaneasca

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