Liqueur package design of authentic mastic (Classic & Lemon), for EVA-Greek Distillation Company. Design inspired by the black and white geometric decoration on the building facades of Chios mastic villages, such as Pyrgi.
This unique product is made by distilling only the tears of the Mastic Tree Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia. This elegant, aromatic, refreshing mastic spirit liqueur, brings a revolution to the senses and the palate.
Enjoy well chilled, neat as an after dinner digestive or in cocktails for mind blowing combinations.
Designed by dolphins//communication design, Greece.
Mastic Tears Liqueur
Mastic Tears Liqueur2
Mastic Tears Liqueur3
Mastic Tears Liqueur4
Mastic Tears Liqueur5
Mastic Tears Liqueur6
Mastic Tears Liqueur7
Mastic Tears Liqueur8

Mastic Tears Liqueur

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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