“Yollibox is introducing frozen yogurt for the Swedish market. Made on only natural ingredients it’ a healthy choice instead of the swedish ice cream and sorbet.” As an alternative choice from Ice Cream and Sorbet, Yollibox comes in a unique package, half way between a box and a traditional pint (if you ask me, it also resemblance a chinese ‘take out’ box).
Erenstråhle & Wågnert utilizes different elements to its fullest potential – from the typography, photography, to the info graphics in the back. A beautiful photo of a strawberry, mango, yogurt, and chocolate is displayed front and center, acting as a flavor cue for the consumer who walks by – there’s no guessing what flavor it is. I applaud the effort in styling each photo so they all look uniform from one flavor to another – the over all shape remains the same. The designers tastefully grab key colors from the photography and used it through out the package. By adding a secondary color creates color combinations that are young, fresh and fun – what you expected to see in a frozen yogurt packaging.
Designed by Erenstråhle & Wågnert , Stockholm.

Yollibox Frozen Yogurt

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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