Xiaochun Liquor (one box contains four bottles each measuring 125ml) is a wine product packaged & designed by Lingyun Creative Packaging & Design Co. Ltd. which was contracted by the China Tianjin Lutaichun Wine Co., Ltd. “Memories” are the main concept. Although the theme is deep, younger feelings are required to pass to the consumers. Eventually, we put forward the concept of “passing notes in class” for this design task.
The product is targeted for people born after 1980. The majority of them received classroom education. Time spent in classrooms has become a precious memory engrained in their hearts. It can be said that most of them have passed notes in class, and through this behavior made friends, expressed their puppy love, and played pranks for fun. Some of the things related to passing notes can even make people crack a smile when recalling them.
We believe that, to write the content of those dialogues on a piece of paper randomly torn from the class exercise books and deliver it to the person whom was supposed to receive it still stays in the memory of most people. We also incorporated those emotional elements into the design, hoping the memories of passing notes can be evoked in people when they see this product. Furthermore, customized services will also be added from the future business activities by the vendor. People who still have their notes can send them to the vendor for a customized design. In this way their invaluable memories are preserved as well as this theme enhanced.
Designed by: xiongbo Deng, China.
Xiaochun Liquor
Xiaochun Liquor2
Xiaochun Liquor3
Xiaochun Liquor4
Xiaochun Liquor5
Xiaochun Liquor6
Xiaochun Liquor7
Xiaochun Liquor8

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