This is a packaging project focused on customized seasonal limited-edition spirits. The family named is derived from my great-grandpa Walter Wyttenbach, which he later shortened to Wytt after immigrating to the US. The UX side of this project was inspired by a case study about customizable pet food, and I tried to emulate the experience of purchasing these luxury items on a beautiful, responsive interface.

“Grandpa Walter Wytt handed down this craft-based tradition of brewing, distilling, and fermenting the finest beers, liquors, and wines. Our family has carried on the artisinal practice for three generations.

We create a customized experience—one that not only yields the best booze around, but we enhance it with locally-sourced season-specific ingredients, food pairings, and recipes, making the consumption experience something to cherish and share. Our single-batch seasonals are globally sought-after and award-winning for good reason. Not to mention, our bottles make for some fine-looking bookends.”

Designed by: Leslie Olson, USA.


Wytt's Spirits

Wytt's Spirits2

Wytt's Spirits3

Wytt's Spirits4

Wytt's Spirits5

Wytt's Spirits6

Wytt's Spirits7

Wytt's Spirits8

Wytt's Spirits9

Wytt's Spirits10

Wytt's Spirits11

Wytt's Spirits12

Wytt's Spirits13

Wytt's Spirits14

Wytt's Spirits15

Wytt's Spirits16

Cow in an Alpine meadow. Jungfrau region, Switzerland




Wytt’s Spirits

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