This great collection of BBQ sauces for Williams-Sonoma designed by Foundry Co. is beautifully designed with a sophistication that definitely represents the Williams-Sonoma brand. I love the use of patterns, icon illustration (such as the potlatch seasoning) and color scheme throughout the BBQ collection. The typography on each label stands out and showcases what each jar contains immediately. Each label is designed differently but still remains as part of the collection. You can read more about this design by Foundry Co. after the jump!
“Foundry Co partnered with Williams-Sonoma for the 2013 BBQ line of sauces and rubs. We worked on building an identity and culture for each line and then applied that to the packaging design.”
Designed By: Foundry Co, Texas, USA.
Williams-Sonoma BBQ2
Williams-Sonoma BBQ3
Williams-Sonoma BBQ4
Williams-Sonoma BBQ5

Williams-Sonoma BBQ

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