Wensky Beer was founded in 2003 by a Polish family in the South of Brazil. The company works under the concept of microbrewery, which rescues the traditional way of making beer.
The main goal was to create a special line with strong personality, so that the consumer could associate immediately the type of beer to the character. The label graphic line stands out from the traditional. In this project, Brazilian folklore characters are not only icons nor mascots, they are the own laber. The figures were abstracted with the creation of a single trait, which reinforces the characters personalities.
Agency: Labis Design Artefice Group, Brazil.
Designer: Henrique Catenacci / Maikel Morais
Client: Wensky Beer
Wensky Beer
Wensky Beer2
Wensky Beer3
Wensky Beer4
Wensky Beer5
Wensky Beer6

Wensky Beer’s Folklore Line

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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