Atlanta based company, Elixir Craft Cocktails, approached me to design the identity, packaging, and marketing material for their debut line of cocktails named Moscai. The overall objective of this project was to create an identity that promotes the exquisite, luxurious lifestyle that a Moscai customer lives. I designed the logo, the labeling of their bottles to FDA regulations, a sell sheet, a shirt, and a staple bound pamphlet. The pamphlet features a felt cover with foil stamped accents on the front and the back and also showcases various spreads that describe the overall ethos of Moscai. This pamphlet will be distributed to possible vendors of the brand and will be used as marketing material. Select spreads were chosen to be shown below. 
Designed by: Nicholas Kramer, USA.
Moscai Cocktails
Moscai Cocktails2
Moscai Cocktails3
Moscai Cocktails4
Moscai Cocktails5
Moscai Cocktails6
Moscai Cocktails7
Moscai Cocktails8
Moscai Cocktails9
Moscai Cocktails10

Moscai Cocktails

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