The objective of this product line is to encourage people to stop smoking but also support them beyond the act of purchase. The user must be accompanied during his treatment. With 4 systems (nicotinic gums, patches, and two kinds of inhalers). Encourage through human contact, the reward, with «reassuring gestures», and support the volunteer with a great image of himself . This product line «Wanna bet?» guides the users. It replaces the «cigarette break» in meaningful activities with an eco-friendly packaging, the complete process is environmentally friendly, ethic and responsive.
Graphism on packaging shows the codes of ancient medical and anatomical engravings; by associating each activities to organs (the heart: to quit smoking in couple with the nicotinic patches calendar; lungs: for disposable inhalers; mouth: for nicotinic gums and brain for reflection related to writing notebook with nicotinic pen inhaler). Exhibition at UQUAM (Montreal) Packplay Project.
Designed by: Camille Dauhut, France.
Wanna Bet? *
Wanna Bet2
Wanna Bet3
Wanna Bet4
Wanna Bet5
Wanna Bet6
Wanna Bet7
Wanna Bet8
Wanna Bet9
Wanna Bet10
Wanna Bet11
Wanna Bet12

Wanna Bet? *

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