Designed by: Studio More, United Kingdom.


Optiat, Chai Soaps: Expanding a range, growing a brand.

How we helped: Furthering expanding the product range of an already successful brand.

Based on their core brand idea of reusing and upcycling left-over ingredients creating high quality natural beauty products, the brand discovered another opportunity using chai spices.

Each bar is packed with health and skin benefits from the core ingredients for the new palm free oil free organic soaps, the third extension to their core body scrubs. The focus of this brand extension was to create a premium look and feel for the new range while clearly being part of the core Optiat brand.



Optiat, Chai Soaps2

Optiat, Chai Soaps3

Optiat, Chai Soaps4

Optiat, Chai Soaps5

Optiat, Chai Soaps6

Optiat, Chai Soaps7




Optiat, Chai Soaps

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