We all have a dark side. It may remain hidden most of the time, but every once in a while, a glimpse of our other selves cannot be denied.
Viejo Indecente opens the door to that other you. Is someone peeking through the keyhole or is it you who is looking into the forbidden?
With a transparent spirit and bottle, we made the keyhole real by printing the eye in the back and letting an alpha circle in the upper part of the front label.
Either by holding the bottle with both hands o rotating it over the table, this mysterious character’s eye comes to life and follows you as you fight with your inner, darker self.
Designed by YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada, Mexico.
Viejo Indecente
Viejo Indecente2
Viejo Indecente3
Viejo Indecente4

Viejo Indecente

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