Story Manufacturing Co. worked with Union Wine Co. to develop their Underwood brand to reach a more engaged audience. We created a brand that could live in the hipster world but has roots in a modernism that might outlast the visual trends of the day (hopefully).
Underwood has taken on a life of it’s own with the introduction of the canned wine version. It is the cooler younger brother to the rest of the wines in the Union Wine Co. portfolio. It is the black sheep who won’t settle down and always is having more fun than you, while reminding you to please keep your #Pinkiesdown

Brand and Story Strategy
Product Innovation
Creative Direction and Tone
Art Direction and Design
Campaign Development

Designed by: Michael Etter, USA.


Underwood Wine

Underwood Wine2

Underwood Wine3

Underwood Wine4

Underwood Wine5

Underwood Wine6

Underwood Wine7

Underwood Wine8

Underwood Wine9

Underwood Wine10

Underwood Wine11

Underwood Wine12

Underwood Wine13

Underwood Wine14

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Underwood Wine16



Underwood Wine (Union wine Company)

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