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Peter and Chris are two very fussy painters. Obsessive even. That’s why they approached Curious to create a brand for their new range of top-of-the-line paint rollers.
Not content with the average brushes and rollers on the market, Peter and Chris scoured the world for the right materials to design a range that would live up to their incredibly high standards. And they have. Made with the highest quality, highest density microfibre in the world, these rollers deliver an ultra smooth finish, ultra low splatter and ultra fast paint speed.
The first step for Curious was to create a unique name that perfectly summed up Chris and Peter’s perfectionist philosophy. So they called in local naming and copywriting consultancy, The Namery, who created the ‘Two Fussy Blokes’ moniker. In a sea of mediocrity and me-too brands, this unique name really stands out. And stands for something.
Next, we turned to the pack design. Call us fussy, but most competitive roller packaging looks cheap, nasty and splattered with graphics that seem to have been designed in the 1980’s – a great era for big hair and legwarmers, but not for high quality packaging design. So Curious set out to create something completely different: a simple, stylish, crafted pack design that pays homage to the brand’s two fussy founders and stands out on shelf like red paint in a sea of beige.
Thanks to the quality of the product and the high quality, timeless design, we reckon even the fussiest blokes (and lady blokes) will love them.
Designed by: Curious Design, New Zealand.
Two Fussy Blokes

Two Fussy Blokes

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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