Stora Enso Recreate Packaging competition entry, 2nd prize.
A complete shaving kit for the light weight traveler. The kit contains face wash, shaving gel, aftershave and razor. The secondary packaging is not only compact and protective, but also acts as a tray for an organized and pleasurable experience.
Recreate conventional travel packaging – After all, we have chosen the name of this competition for a reason!
Using renewable packaging material, your challenge is to recreate travel packaging in order to make travelling easier, smarter and more responsible from a consumer’s point of view. Think of the 3 beauty and/or healthcare products that you consider most important to have with you while traveling. Your task is to design a packaging solution for these products that meets or even exceeds the performance and portability of present-day primary and secondary packaging.
We initially approached the brief by researching different kinds of beauty and health products a person would need while travelling. It became apparent soon that starting from the product’s needs was not going to produce the best results for the brief. Instead of products, we decided to concentrate on customers who would benefit from travel-sized packaging. We identified different types of travelers that have different needs for products and packaging.
From the different types of travelers we chose one that would benefit most, the business traveller. The business traveller is likely to travel light, so regular packaging may be impractical to carry in hand luggage, possibly even in a suitcase. Business travelers travel frequently and have needs for conveniently transportable beauty and health products. A customer travelling for vacation has the option of relying on hotel-supplied products and choose to let their beards grow, for example. The business traveler attending meetings has to stay well groomed during their travel. For this reason we decided to design a holistic travel shaving kit.
Jurys comments: “The shape is modern, economical and user-friendly, supporting the functionality of pushing the content out of the tube. All contents of the shaving set are on display and easily accessible for use in the holder. The outer box made of microflute corrugated board is very traditional but serves as a compact way to pack the whole set for a trip. The concept is ready for production and could be used for many other cosmetics and beauty care products too. Material choices are well-conceived and offer possibilities to use renewable board materials in new applications. High-quality mock-ups and presentation.”
Designed for portioning preshave face wash, the pouch is a convenient little package. While the other two products included in the kit are used every time the consumer shaves their beard, the washing cream is optional. For instance they may shave after showering, so they already have a clean face and softened stubble. For this reason the kit’s preshave wash is divided into 3 individual pouches.
The pouches open simply by tearing the perforation at the top end, after which the product can be squeezed out. The creases in the packaging make it easy to squeeze and the size of the pouch fits well in the hand.
Both shaving gel and aftershave share the same design. The tubes structure allows the shape to fold completely flat when pressed; easing in the use of the product and allowing even the last bits of product to be extracted from the packaging. The shape of the tube encourages it to be kept in an upright position which causes the product to gather at the opening end; also aiding in the extraction of the product. The size and shape are ergonomic both in hand and in use.
Designed by: Antti OjalaAugust SaloVille Merisalo, Finland.
Travel Shaver
Travel Shaver2
Travel Shaver3
Travel Shaver4
Travel Shaver5
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Travel Shaver

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