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JDO, the international agency that creates belief, has supported Dove in the launch of its new Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills.

As global category leaders in personal care, Dove is committed to creating positive change – not only as an advocate for real beauty, but also as innovators that care for our planet. Dove’s new Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills provides eco-conscious consumers with a simple solution to reduce their impact on the environment over time while still achieving instantly soft skin, lasting nourishment with the same Dove care they love.

JDO was tasked with designing two ‘too beautiful to throw away’ reusable bottles as well as a range of concentrate refills and starter kits. The scope of the project also included creating visuals for the launch campaign and a ‘how-to-use’ video to use across touchpoints. The creative solution needed to embrace Dove’s iconic design principles whilst also conveying the innovative sustainable proposition in a clear and compelling way.

“Many people have the desire to do their part in protecting the planet, but they’re not exactly sure on how to go about it. Dove’s latest innovation provides them with an opportunity that is easy and effective,” comments Fiona Florence, Managing Director at JDO. “The creative challenge here is about changing consumer behaviour by showing them that they can reduce plastic whilst still enjoying the Dove products they love. Our design creates belief that change is not only possible, but simple and beautiful.”

JDO developed an elegantly modern illustration with botanical imagery that adorn the reusable bottles. Layered green fronds against the silver of the premium aluminium bottle give off a spa-like quality. The final touch is a Dove icon in gold with the instructions, ‘Refill, Reuse, Repeat’, an understated accent that keeps the design simple, sophisticated and absolutely stunning.

“This innovation is so easy to use, and Dove products are renowned for their quality that there was no need to over-clutter the bottles or the concentrate refills with too much information,” comments Bronwen Westrip, Creative Director at JDO. “This allowed us to really focus on creating a clean aesthetic that appealed to the consumer desire for more sustainable solutions as well as their desire for beautiful products. Our hope is to inspire them to use Dove’s new Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills for a new personal care routine that looks good in the bathroom, feels good on the skin and does good for the planet over time.”

“It’s been an absolute joy working with JDO on this category-changing project,” comments Rachel Fried, Brand Manager, Dove Sustainability at Unilever. “They provided the perfect mix of creativity and professionalism – offering thoughtful solutions to the brief and working quickly to deliver high quality work on time. The final design is truly gorgeous, showing that sustainable choices can be made without compromise or complexity.”


JDO designs Dove’s New Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills

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