The purpose of the project was to design and build a new line of environmentally friendly sustainable clocks for an existing company or organization. The clocks needed to be both educational and functional. A second objective was to create a unique and engaging packaging solution for the retail market that informs and aligns with the target market.
My solution was Topoclock, a new line of wall/desk clocks for the environmentally conscious, outdoors-man, and scientifically minded individuals, to inspire them to care about the planet. Created for The National Geographic Society, the clocks are made from natural sustainable materials. The clock pushes off the wall or desk to invoke a feeling of depth, using a three dimensional topographic representation of some of America’s most popular national parks.
Designed by Mark Kuzio, USA.
School: Academy of Art University
Instructor: Tom McNulty
Top Clock
Top Clock3
Top Clock4
Top Clock2
Top Clock6
Top Clock5

Top Clock (Student Project)

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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