El Monocromo, created a visual identity and packaging for the colombian bespoke jackets and coats brand, Too Cool For School. A service design that establishes different stages in order to build tailored jackets that suit and fit perfectly. The brand explores what it is for a man to dress today.
The service explores the process on a visual identity project, thinking and re–working each stage and their pieces. Two different moments: Browsing and deciding. The first aims to reveal what a bespoke jacket is by using illustration and color on several pieces. The latter reveals what the product is by using black & white, letting the jacket stand out, and revealing one thing at a time.”
Designed by El Monocromo, Columbia
Art Direction: Juan Pablo Mejía
Design: Nicolas Galeano & Juan Pablo Mejía
Packaging Design: Felkin Pinilla (El Tigre), Simón Martelo & Juan Pablo Mejía
Illustration: Stefhany Yepes & Alejandra Hernández
Photography: Juan Pablo Mejía
Too Cool For School1
Too Cool For School2
Too Cool For School3
Too Cool For School4
Too Cool For School5
Too Cool For School6
Too Cool For School7
Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

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