John Contino, a self proclaimed ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist’ from New York was contacted by Co Partnership to bring The Hidden Sea to life with his illustration. The textural qualities in his work were a perfect match to the brand story, which we amplified by choosing to screen print the design directly onto the glass.

“Millions of years ago, the Limestone Coast of South Australia was covered by the Great Southern Ocean. Over a series of ice ages the ocean receded leaving the ground layered with ancient fossilized limestone, making the region a world heritage site.
Within these rich alluvial soils, sea fossils including whale fossils have been found. Today this soil provides a natural and unique filtration system for the regions world famous wine industry.”

Designed by Co Partnership, Australia.
Illustration: John Contino, New york
The Hidden Sea
The Hidden Sea2
The Hidden Sea3

The Hidden Sea

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