Choosing Fairtrade, organic, naturally and locally produced products is given today, and we are more aware than ever of what it is in our food and beauty products. The new health trend is about feeling good on the inside and find inner harmony and balance. Choosing natural and environmentally friendly materials is almost important as having a compost or recycling at home.
The Body Shop Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England and it´s a company that sells skincare and beauty products around the world. They are very involved in the environment, animal and human rights, and they promote that the only path to true beauty is the natural way. They are constantly looking around the world for the very best ingredients that nature can offer.
After the merger with L’Oréal 2006 The Body Shop dropped their loyal customers as well as their credibility for their products because of L’Oreals ideals of beauty and their animal experimental methods. At the same time The Body Shop took its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously, and this resulted that The Body Shop got a cluttered appearance, and their message about their brand disappeared. This is what we can see today how The Body Shop markets itself, both in design as well as their material choice for their products.
Today you can read that The Body Shop wants to make a change, but have not quite got there yet. Their vision of the future of packaging is to reduce the environmental impact of their products. They want to develop and launch at least three new innovations in eco-friendly packaging design before 2020. They want to ensure that at least 70% of the packages are made without fossil fuels. We decided, therefore, that in this project update The Body Shop concept and create new packaging solutions with a strong focus on the environment and consumers. We also wanted a new design, in a graphic form language of watercolor, which gives the products a more harmonious and natural feeling where the nourishing ingredients in the products will be at the center. When you see The Body Shop’s products through the design, color palette and the manufacture of packaging materials, you associate the brand with an eco-friendly and natural products.
We have worked with three series of The Body Shop’s assortment, Alovera, Wild Rose and Honey.
We have reworked Body Butter and Body Lotion from plastic to a more environmentally friendly alternative,
a fiber-based solution, dressed in cardboard with a Bio PE barrier that is resistant to fat.
The Shower Gel and the Body Scrub is produced in the Green PE tube. An environmentally friendly material that is based on sugar cane.
The Hand soap is simple wrapped in a white kraft paper with a Bio PE barrier on the inside.
Designed by: Elvira Ullbrandt, Sweden.
The Body Shop
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The Body Shop

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