Designed by: CENTERSPREAD-Creative Advertising Agency

We created a thematic packaging design for this particular brand based in New Zealand. The client wanted a design that is based on the “3 Ws ethos” – eating Wisely, Widely & Wholly. We created a clean and premium design which presented the story of the product completely and in an engaging manner. The design began with the name of the brand and the product. The center of the design displays the final product which showcases the wholesomeness of the blend. It is surrounded by the ingredients which are involved in its making, thus reflecting on the wisdom behind choosing each specific ingredient. Moving on, each blend is inspired from the rainbow diet philosophy. We have depicted this using a slim colored arch at the corner of each bowl and then adopting that particular color to depict all the relevant information for the product. In this manner, we have not only created a design which maintains balance between creativity and minimalism but also narrated the story of the 3 Ws evidently.





Essential Kai-SuperFood Blend for Elderly

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