“The Annual Cup of Tea” is an unconventional annual report concept for a Design Agency (Nicework) based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
It uses “tea” as a concept based on the love that the Nicework team have for tea. In addition to this, people have tea at the end of the day and review what has been done in the day, whilst an annual report is a review of what has been done in the year. Thus the tea concept acts as a metaphor for the annual report.

“Take a look and enjoy”

Designed by: Zaheer Randera, South Africa.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea2

Cup of Tea3

Cup of Tea4

Cup of Tea5

Cup of Tea6

Cup of Tea7

Cup of Tea8

Cup of Tea9

Cup of Tea10

Cup of Tea11

Cup of Tea12

The Annual Cup of Tea – Annual Report

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