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Since childhood, we know that cabbage and carrots are the favorite food of rabbits. Everyone knows that they should contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements necessary for good health and well-being of a pet. The new rabbit food “Rabbit” is dried vegetables for hares and domestic rabbits, which contain the entire set of substances necessary in their daily diet. Vegetables for feed are grown exclusively in the open ground, harvested ripe and delicately dried so that they retain maximum vitamins and nutrients.

The packaging design is made in light colors, which emphasizes the freshness and usefulness of the product. A humorous illustration in the center of the package refers to the” Rabbit in the Hat ” — a famous trick that has become a symbol of illusionism, when a rabbit suddenly appears from an empty magician’s cylinder. The effect of surprise and magic is enhanced when you remove the lid on the package from the hat, there is no longer a rabbit, but his favorite food, for example, carrots. The brand name “Rabbit”, written in the technique of “manual lettering”, fits seamlessly into the top hat of the illusionist. The result is a kind of “magic” packaging that can turn the process of feeding a pet into a “fun game”.

Marketing strategy is applicable for any Region worldwide and easily scalable for different advertising means.

Special thanks should be delivered to Russian Higher School of Economics (HSE Art and Design School) and personally to Leonid Slavin, head of Art direction MA Program.


Rabbit Dry Food

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