Designed by: Daria Fox

Pets are so cute! We are happy when they allow us to pat them and if they lay with us.
For somebody pets became even a family member, but it is for sure: they our true friends!

I was inspired from people with pets behaviour: when you have a cat, you always notice every thing around with a cat, find them cute and want to have, because it is with your beloved cat! The same if you have a dog 🙂

This tea is done for people who love pets to make them smile and feel happy.

Cats and dogs on the packaging are smart, cute and a bit ironic, pets behave like a human there 🙂
They invite us to share good moments with them… They always wait for us and happy when we are close! It is so pleasant!





Tea for Pet Lovers

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  • December 10, 2018
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