The creation of a new brand for the single varietal red dry wine of WINERY MONSIEUR NICOLAS, made of the top French variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is cultivated in the vineyards of the winery. The product is addressed to the wine lovers of the world.

The bright red wine color and the French origin of the variety, brought to mind romantic tales from another era – tales of fatal ladies locked in medieval towers, spending their hours embroidering and waiting for their knight. Tales of love and war. Tales of tears and blood…

A painting on a label can take you back in time and place, travel you in a story full of secrets… Tales of Blood. Starring a beautiful woman of the past century who embroiders with her tender, thin hands while she is thinking of her beloved knight. Suddenly the needle pierces her rosy finger… A drop of blood flows. Its color is the same as our wine…

The storytelling is completed by using illustrations of medieval tableware such as a bowl with red grapes and a glass of wine in all other means of communication.

The concept and the way that it was implemented on packaging resulted in an atmospheric, vivid and theatrical outcome that creates emotions and thus great impact to the consumer. The last and most memorable detail, that was created following the traditional method of wax bottling, is the “drop of blood” that flows from the top down to the neck of the bottle.



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