TAITA 40 is a set of playing cards and accessories for the traditional Ecuadorian game “Cuarenta”, inspired by the iconography and characters of the Huancavilca and Inca cultures, the last ancestral villages belonging to the coast and high land mountain regions of Ecuador during the time of Spanish conquest.
The color palette and packaging designs of the “Cacique” and “Inca” lines give the product a classic and traditional image.
The wooden packaging preserves adequately the playing cards and its accessories, while the flexible lid allows to manipulate the elements without any difficulty.
The laser cutting technique in the wood besides the flexibility of the material, leaves an odor trace in the packaging, turning it into a characteristic element of the product.
As a final result we obtain an object that carries culture and traditions that pays tribute to the elements that have formed the identity of our country.
Designed by: Edwin Bowen, Ecuador.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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