News from Sweetest Choice: Gingerbread! Right at pre-Christmas season, jo’s büro designed a brand new gingerbread packaging, true to the motto: “Gingerbread in the tube and off the shelf!”

jo’s büro was responsible for the packaging’s concept and design. Our focus was mainly to make the gingerbread packaging stand out from the masses of already existing packagings, as the gingerbread is handmade by a local producer and intended for retail. The handmade-character is visible by the wood look, the typography chosen and the design elements, which make for a gingerbread packaging with a cosy, yet modern and upmarket feel to it.

The whole packaging is completed by a little “window” through which the sweet content is visible. The special highlight: A pink gingerbread that causes this must-have-feeling with probably everyone.

Designed by: jo’s büro für Gestaltung, Germany.


Sweetest Choice

Sweetest Choice2

Sweetest Choice3

Sweetest Choice4




Sweetest Choice

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