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This is how we present the packaging project  “Baga Classico 2018 – Casa do Canto” – the top of the range, which is a tribute to grandfather Eugénio and his unique personality.

After 10 months of work, this project comes to life and gain form with the creative boldness and  experience of our team.
The irreverence of this Packaging, offers the consumer a unique visual and tactile experience, leading him to unravel the “crosswords” in which characteristics of this wine are described, for example “Terroir”.

This artwork was designed to be developed in copper, to enhance the high and low embossing  of the graphic elements, giving volume and tactile sense to the selected information.

The Baga Clássico 2018  – Casa do Canto, is a limited edition of 1500 bottles, which will be marketed from March 2022, in individual boxes, which were also designed in detail in Valchromat wood, copper stamping finishings and a leather handle.

Special thanks to Casa do Canto,  M&A Creative Agency creative and photography team as well as the partners who supported us in this creative adventure.



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