Natural mineral water “Suardon” is a national heritage of Ossetia and originates from the special area of conservation known as a Suardon’s mineral springs. Translated from the ancient Alan language the word “Suardon” means “mineral water” and presented in all the dictionaries of Ossetian language, moreover, this is a synonym with an expression “national mineral water”.
We were challenged a task to create a visual conception based on a deep understanding of ethical distinctiveness, historical and cultural values of Ossetia. Also, it was important to build up a special status for the product which wouldn’t depend on trends and maintained fresh all the time.
Semiabstract picture of the maiden with a jar is a symbol of purity, care of national traditions and the whole visual concept is built around it. The Designers added some essential nuances to the image, where red colour symbolizes energy and power of the spring, white colour transfers the taste of fresh breath from the mountains and silver stresses out the premium status of natural water.
Traditional and gracious bottle with a unique silhouette, along with an embossed sign on the glass and silver-plating on the mountains – all this helped to create a harmonious and classical design for the mineral water of premium segment.

Designed by: STUDIOIN, Russia.








Suardon Water

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