The Perennial Distillery is an assignment where the objective was to create a brand with accompanying packaging around three basic forms: a bag, box and bottle. We also had to research a specific demographic in which our packaging would be geared towards by identifying relevant trends to that audience.
I decided to create a brand called The Perennial Distillery whose specific demographic appeals to the baby boomer generation of wine and gin drinkers, living around Woodinville, Washington. As wineries and distilleries are flourishing around the area, I developed a fictitious brand that would suit the group of individuals who frequently go to tastings and live an affluent lifestyle.”

The Perennial Distillery offers their customers pre-made gin and tonic drinks mixed with the elements of pure inflorescences. The four flavors include the original juniper, lavender, thyme and rosemary.

My goal with the design was to give The Perennial Distillery a high end look, with a specialized boutique feel.
Designed By: Anelese Webster, USA
Student: Perennial Distillery
Student: Perennial Distillery
Student: Perennial Distillery

Student: Perennial Distillery

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