“Bumble Crumbles is a drink and snack company modeled around the concept of sharing.
Each package of Bumble Crumbles contains two bottles of milk and two small boxes of cookies. Having milk and cookies is a nostalgic break from life to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.
Our target audience is primarily children, but of course could be enjoyed by anyone of any age. ”
For this project, I developed a brand to package. For the design of Bumble Crumbles, I used a cartoon style with bright colors that was still very clean and simple, giving it appeal to young children and the modern consumer.
Designed by: Brandy Stewart, USA.
Bumble Crumbles
Bumble Crumbles2
Bumble Crumbles3
Bumble Crumbles4
Bumble Crumbles6
Bumble Crumbles7
Bumble Crumbles8
Bumble Crumbles9
Bumble Crumbles10
Bumble Crumbles11
Bumble Crumbles12

Bumble Crumbles

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