Agency: Alexandra Ooi
Lecturer: Deanie Cham The One Academy


Butter Up is a dessert brand that specialises in pastries and baked treats. From freshly-oven baked pastries to cool, chilled confectioneries, Butter Up has everything you need to create the sweet ending to your food journey. Satisfy your dessert cravings with Butter Up! Types of food sold at Butter Up include baked pastries, tarts, cakes, breads, macaroons, confectioneries and cookies.

The main issue that we ran into is that with the ongoing pandemic, the ‘new normal’ has changed people’s lifestyle of dining in to ordering delivery. Furthermore, showing affection via physical contact is no longer encouraged due to the risk of spreading the virus. Despite the pandemic, people still want to be able to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. Especially in these darker times, love and positivity are needed more than ever to give people hope, and reminding them that they are loved.

Butter Up is launching a special set containing handpicked pastries to show affection towards loved ones in this pandemic. Who says that the new form of gift-giving can’t be meaningful as well? The idea is to use flowers as the main theme of the design, as flowers are often used in gift-giving culture. For the design structure, inspiration is taken from butter and frosting swirls to form a flower design with a twist lock mechanism. When opened, the packaging looks like a flower in full bloom, revealing the dessert inside it.


Butter Up

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