Wine makers Jason and Vanessa Schwarz are siblings that own separate wineries in Western Australia’s south. Sibling was created when they decided to stop the competition and bring their passion together to make a limited edition run of wine.
Sibling is inspired by the brother and sister rivalry that Jason and Vanessa share, its weird, quirky and uncommon. Sourced from the unforgeable Margaret River vineyards. Made from low yielding vines in the best Australian barrels for 15 months prior to bottling. This is a wine with both perfume and structure.
The target demographic for Siblings is the younger generation of wine drinkers (20-30), who are willing to spend more on packaging and design to impress others.
Designed by: Jake Leicester, Australia.
Sibling Winery
Sibling Winery2
Sibling Winery3
Sibling Winery4
Sibling Winery5
Sibling Winery6
Sibling Winery7
Sibling Winery8

Sibling Winery

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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