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Explore the hillside vineyards of the Anjou Noir

Exalting the beauty and fragility of nature:
Named after a butterfly which flutters over the Coteau des Treilles in summer, Belargus is passionate about the organic life of its terroirs. We revealed this biodynamic and botanical approach, turning the vineyard into a hub of life. Each wine reveals the facets of a parcel of land with its own flavour, from its rugged rocks to its teeming wildlife.

An identity reflecting a rare ecosystem:
Freed from the concept of the vintage which dominates all great wines, the Belargus identity embodies all the riches of the vineyard. From the botanical label to the sunny bottle cap through the butterfly’s wings, the nature of Anjou flourishes freely.
Inspired by herbariums, anatomical plates and naturalist workbooks, the labels showcase the characteristics of the vineyard parcels: surface area, gradient and exposure give an indication of the plant, animal and mineral life that makes a wine so beautiful and uniquely expressive.
The names are set in majestic typography with Greco-Roman accents, reminiscent of the sparse, ancient hillsides where the vines grow.
Inspired by old bottles from Anjou, whose popular wines are achieving the nobility of great wines thanks to Belargus, the bottle designed is unique in France.
Moulded in glass, the monogram hallmark is an immutable mark, anchored in time and the earth. Its round and symmetrical forms borrow a timeless air from the butterfly and the arabesque of the vines or old ironwork.
A lively and modern touch, the orange wax on the bottle cap is reminiscent of the spots on the Belargus butterfly’s wings as well as the terroirs scattered within the Anjou Noir. As a border for the dry wines or on the whole cap for the sweet wines, it adds a bright and immediately recognisable touch.

“Be Dandy managed to bring my ideas together and get the full potential out of my strategic vision. The entire market praised the Domaine Belargus branding. The Be Dandy teams started with a blank page and created a distinctive and appealing “universe”. Their creativity and expertise make them irreplaceable partners for me.”
Ivan Massonnat, Domaine Belargus founder.



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