Shipwreck Oak Barrel Stout
Packaging Design // 2014 // Student Work
The following project was done for a course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The Squamish Brewing Company is a fictitious business.
The Challenge:
The Squamish Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada is one of the provinces premier craft breweries. The brewery has decided to release a seasonal run of the “Oak Barrel Stout.” This beer is a west coast brewed stout that has been fermented in European style whiskey oak barrels.
– Introduce the new product into the seasonal craft beer market.
– Develop packaging solutions for multiple product sizes (i.e. 341 ml and 750ml bottles).
The “Shipwreck Oak Barrel Stout” reflects the unique blend of flavours, textures, and tastes that are born out of this cross continental infusion. Referencing 19th century signage, and the gritty personality of those who challenge the high seas, this beer is positioned towards typical craft beer enthusiasts; These beer drinkers are always looking for a new and unique taste, and are often attracted to labels that differentiate themselves from crowd.
Introducing Shipwreck.
Designed by: Zia Somjee, Canada.

Shipwreck Oak Barrel Stout

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