Agency: Transatlantika Brand Design
Design by: Philipp Zurmöhle at Transatlantika in collaboration with Heather Brown (Head of Design at the Inkey List)


Brand identity, product packaging design and illustration for popular YouTube “skinfluencer” Hyram Yarbro’s skincare line “Selfless by Hyram”. The brand was developed in collaboration with The Inkey List. Every Selfless purchase provides clean drinking water or protects tropical forests. The skincare line is available in 29 countries at Sephora and on the Selfless website.

The brand identity’s combination of a slight medicinal feel with playful imagery portray what Hyram is representing – trusted information about skincare and having fun with it. The logo design was created in collaboration with Heather Brown (Head of Design at the Inkey List). Selfless’ brand identity utilizes the typeface “Aspen” by LudwigType in a simple and direct way.

All packaging illustrations form one continuous landscape when lined up next to each other. They also perpetually wrap around each carton. The lush jungle landscapes hint at Selfless’ contribution to the Rainforest Trust. They show the natural diversity of tropical forests on the products that help prevent deforestation. Some of the products have a water-focused theme. They are supporting the Thirst Project, an organisation that helps solving the global water crisis.

See the full case study HERE


Selfless by Hyram Brand Identity & Packaging Design

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