Design by: Blindtiger Design
Creative Director: Oceania Eagan
Designer: Chad Gowey

Nothing stands still in the beer industry. Consumer needs are continuously evolving and market competition is getting fiercer every minute. Brands that don’t stay on top of these changes become stale. Answering to these evolving needs and the demands of their consumers, Alaskan embarked on a major update to bring cans to market with a fresh new look. Two beers would be added to the year-round canned lineup and a can mix pack would become available for the first time in their history.

Along with these changes, Alaskan Brewing wanted to reinvigorate their artwork. We worked closely with their team to bring the story of Alaska back to the labels. Their home is unlike that of most beer in the cooler and we worked hard to capture it through dynamic and energetic illustrations capturing the spirit of the Alaskan landscape.

“The redesigned artwork of our new cans is all about placing people in the breathtaking environment where we get to live and brew our beer,” said Brand Coordinator Tasha Heumann. “Our Amber artwork has always celebrated the fishing life in Alaska, but now the F/V Caribou, the salmon-fishing boat featured on Amber, is barreling forward amidst a churning ocean. We’ve taken that approach of connecting people to the thrill of Alaska with all the imagery of these new can products.”



Alaskan Brewing Co.

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