Package design proposal for liquor company based in London, UK. PRF Roots Rum Company prides itself with selling one of the highest quality of rum beers on the market. It’s use of real flavours and spices instead of sweetenings is the motive to solidify itself amongst the best.
 The idea was to create packaging concept in which it tells a story, shows it’s pride and roots. Making typography focal and use it as a driving force backed by graphics and illustration to help and achievethis whilst having well established balance between tranquility andbusyness.
Designed by: Dominic Rios Sakalauskas, United Kingdom.
Roots Rum Beer1
Roots Rum Beer2
Roots Rum Beer3
Roots Rum Beer4
Roots Rum Beer5
Roots Rum Beer6
Roots Rum Beer7
Roots Rum Beer8
Roots Rum Beer9
Roots Rum Beer10
Roots Rum Beer11

Roots Rum Beer

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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