Regal Rogue aromatic bianco vermouth is an Australian first (and a damn fine drop) that we are proud to have helped bring to life. It’s uniquely crafted from Hunter Valley wine and native Australian aromatics.
The identity and bottle packaging features a fearless rogue knight and his loyal owl companion. We further developed the knight’s story by highlighting his roguish ways through a series of etiquette tips and serving suggestion cards which we bound and packaged as ‘The Etiquette of a Regal Rogue’.
“The vermouth beverage category has remained stagnant for too long. So we turned to Squad Ink to revive it with a breathtaking brand.” – Mark Ward, Bureau Six
Designed by Squad Ink, Australia.
Regal Rogue
Regal Rogue2
Regal Rogue3
Regal Rogue4
Regal Rogue5
Regal Rogue6
Regal Rogue7

Regal Rogue

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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