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Mermaid is a brand concept developed for a coffee shop located in a seaside town. The brand has a seductive and charming personality, based on the archetype of the lover. The visual universe is inspired by the legend of mermaids, mystical creatures known for their power of seduction. The coffee shop produces, serves and sells its own line of blends. It recently launched new flavors inspired by summer, with bold mixtures of coffee beans and tropical fruits.

The Challenge:
The sea is part of the visual universe of one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world: Starbucks. The green mermaid design is the result of the combined logos of the companies Il Giornarle and Starbucks, which merged in Seattle in 1987. Since then, the brand has been expanding and gaining new and loyal customers. On the other hand, Mermaid does not follow the franchise model. Both its workflow and its location are not designed to offer convenience, but rather a complete experience. Mermaid is more than a coffee shop, it is a place to enjoy time with friends, to chat or simply to enjoy the sea view with the stimulating aroma of coffee. The challenge is to design a seductive brand, but with a totally singular visual identity – minimalist and distant from the approach used by Starbucks. In addition, to develop the packaging design for the new Premium line “Sabores Tropicais”.

To differentiate itself from Starbucks, the Mermaid brings a gradient of yellows and blues, representing the sand and waters of the sea. The logo focuses on the mermaid’s tail – her fish half that instigates so much mystery and curiosity. The logo also brings the waves and the sunset, reaffirming the idea that Mermaid is more than a Coffee Shop – it is a place to live a complete experience: to meet friends and know people, to contemplate the end of the day and enjoy a beautiful view. The packaging designed for the ” Sabores Tropicais” line is noted for its minimalist design. The Stand-up Pouches have a negative space, shaped like a mermaid’s tail, that displays the actual product underneath and creates an interesting visualization of the coffee beans.


Mermaid Coffee Shop

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