PUNK YOU BRANDS creates the packaging design for a Russian sunflower seed snack called “Putevie.”
“Putevie” means “road” in Russian, which means you can enjoy this snack on the go. Sunflower seeds are a popular traditional snack in Russia. PUNK YOR BRANDS explains the tradition:

Traditionally, sunflower seed in Russia was being sold by grannies on the food markets or trainstations or bus stops. Those seed was considered as the most tasty, because of carefully and skillfully roasted at home kitchens. As a measure unit grannies were using a simple glass (which is a canonical symbol of a Soviet product design), big or small.

Keeping with tradition, Putevie uses the clear glass used to measure sunflower seeds by grandmothers. “It reminds of home kindness and a careful granny hands. And, of course, of a good roadtrip!”
Designed by PUNK YOU BRANDS, Moscow.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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