This work was made for the D&AD New Blood 2014 Competition. The task was to repackage the Purdey’s Multivitamin Drink. The concept for the new packaging is based on metaphors of the Sun and the Moon. Associated with the natural power and well-being, the Sun represents the Natural Energy drink. The Moon stands for the Rejuvenate drink as it rebirths every month and a lot of magical transformations happen in the moonlight.
The colour palettes can also symbolize water and fire or heat and freshness. The gradient on the label rises up to show the movement of energy. You can take this light and easy-to-hold bottle wherever you go. Hand-made illustrations of the Sun and the Moon surrounded by fruit and leaves reflect organic and natural ingredients of these drinks. Opaque plastic bottle will keep the drink fresh for a few days.
Designed by: Anastasia Itkina, Russia.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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