Design by : Timothy Ames

Wendy Budd is a Medical Herbalist and Apothecary owner who has been creating her own Kombucha for many years. Kombucha has long been part of her treatments but it had a relatively small number of people who were aware of it: so she approached me to help with its wider launch.
Wendy’s experience as a Medical Herbalist is her real strength and the knowledge and training that she brings to her Kombucha is what makes it so special. To emphasise this I created a brand that uses space and symmetry to feel calm; while the use of bright colours, script typography and friendly microcopy keeps it fresh and inviting.
The project came with some interesting challenges: including explaining what Kombucha is, communicating the health benefits of the herbs and roots used, branding a health drink with a relatively high level of caffeine and getting the consumer to trust something that had been fermented. Emphasising trustworthiness was very important to the process: having in-depth information on the bottle and the detailed breakdown of it’s contents and nutritional values were very deliberate decisions to communicate the amount of testing that were undertaken pre-launch.
The branding has had some wonderful feedback and it has been a real joy to see people’s excitement for the Mighty Bucha!

The Mighty Bucha

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