– Dark and milk chocolate dragees filled with liquid plum, raspberry, cherry, apricot brandy.

The idea on the Passionate product family’s design was to present all the flavors as „personalities” – who are mixing the ingredients – on the packaging, so the customers could identify themseves as the one flavor they prefer. The dragees in the box are showed through a humorous peephole, as if we are able to see into the stomach of the characters. The aim was to design a catchy look for the box, which captures attention and makes people smile.

The first pieces of the collection are dark and milk chocolates – flavored with four kind of fruit brandy. The 2-2 flavors are displayed as a young man and a woman with joyful expression on their face, wearing traditional Hungarian costumes.

Designed by: Zsofia Mihaly, Hungary.









Passionate – Chocolate packaging

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