What happens when a superstar producer and an award-winning bartender collaborate? N’1CE Cocktail. The ice cold and frozen cocktails, which come in classic flavors like Daquiri, Pina Colada, Mojito, and Margarita, are made to enjoy on warm and sultry summer evenings as well as intimate clubs.

This is not just a new product; it’s a whole new product segment. One of the challenges was to find a concept combining the aesthetics of spirits and liqueur with a mass-market consumer food and beverage focus. Our solution is based on creating a unique expression that incorporates characteristic design elements from both worlds.

Each flavour has its own colour palette inspired by the original cocktail, visualised by using acrylic paint on glass. The packaging architecture is based on four elements: the background pattern symbolising the flavour, the stamp highlighting the 5% volume alcohol content, the product name, and the signature of award-winning bartender Jimmy Dymott ensuring quality.”

N’1CE is easy and unobtrusive, making it perfect for a number of different occasions. Since it’s in an easy-to-grab tube and served frozen, it’s not only refreshing but prevents drinks being spilled everywhere. While bright, electric colors are used in the packaging, it avoids looking too youthful. N’1CE Cocktail is a modern and mature cocktail option for those interested in partying and festivals.

Client: N1CE Company
Creative Direction and design: Acid and Marble, Sweden.
Image photography: Alex Wessely


N'1CE Cocktail

N'1CE Cocktail2

N'1CE Cocktail3

N'1CE Cocktail4

N'1CE Cocktail5

N'1CE Cocktail6

N'1CE Cocktail7

N'1CE Cocktail8

N'1CE Cocktail9

N'1CE Cocktail10

N'1CE Cocktail11

N'1CE Cocktail12

N'1CE Cocktail13

N'1CE Cocktail14

N'1CE Cocktail15

N'1CE Cocktail16

N'1CE Cocktail17

N'1CE Cocktail18

N'1CE Cocktail19

N'1CE Cocktail20



N’1CE Cocktail

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