Original is one of the four lines of the ice cream and popsicles brand Pardal. These products brings us Brazilian northeastern traditional flavors, where the cuisine is strongly influenced by local ingredients and flavors, as the cashew nut, coconut, tapioca (Indian recipe made of manioc flour), the cajá and graviola fruits. We designed these packages toenhance the story and the roots of the brand (founded in 1990 in a small town in the Brazilian northeast, by a housewife who manufactured their products in her kitchen), and yours traditional tastes. Packaging stimulates its audience to recognize emotionally their culture, through symbolism common to the place.

Designed by: Abracadabra Design, Brazil.


Pardal Original

Pardal Original 01

Pardal Original 02

Pardal Original 03 copy

Pardal Original 3 copy

Pardal Original 04

Pardal Original 05 copy

Pardal Original 06

Pardal Original 07

Pardal Original 08

Pardal Original 09

Pardal Original 10

Pardal Original 11


Pardal Original

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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